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There are different routes to choose from when it comes to building a website, for corporations, enterprises and institutions, the most common options are freelancers, local web development agencies, and off-shore agencies. If you are looking for a one-page brochure website or a barebone eCommerce website, there are even more options such as Wix or Shopify.

COVID-19 (also known as SARS-CoV-2 or the Coronavirus) is raging across the globe and no one has been left unaffected by it. With millions of people staying home, either voluntarily or by government mandate, it’s safe to say that online businesses, in particular, have experienced major changes as a result of this widespread illness.

On average, websites experience about three hours of downtime each month. Three hours might not seem like a lot. When you think about it, though, and factor in the number of people who may have tried to access your website and couldn’t in those three hours (or longer), that’s a lot of lost opportunities due to site downtime.

Approximately 55 percent of marketers say that creating blog content is their top priority when it comes to inbound marketing. Is blog content creation a priority for your business in 2020? Do you even have a blog at all? 

If the answer to that last question is “no”, it’s time to change that. Blogging is essential if you want your business to continue growing and thriving in 2020 and beyond.

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