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Tons of Toner

Founded in 1989, Tons of Toner is a US-based e-commerce company. They supply printer toner and supplies all across the United States to businesses, households, schools, and the government.

B2B and B2P E-commerce
Development / Design / SEO

Tons of Toner’s original website was built off an outdated and unsupported platform.

The undertaking of this project was in the form of a net new build with data migrated from various databases, separated into several categories of work:

  • Design and UI
  • Development
  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • On-going support and maintenance
Tons of Toner Mobile Screencap 1
Tons of Toner Mobile Screencap 2
Tons of Toner Mobile Screencap 3
Tons of Toner Mobile Screencap 4

Since its founding, Tons of Toner had already accumulated a large client base, many of which were technologically averse. Improving the navigational structure, by decluttering and amalgamating content was important for long time users. The migration of existing services from the legacy platform comprised the main workload of this project. With diverse reliance of external resources to provide customers with the massive selection of products meant we had to build customized modules to accommodate the migration process. The final result was over 10000+ products being available to customers, along with an intuitive and modern backend to support the heavy traffic of purchases on a daily basis. Additionally, we integrated a customized payment processing system to the specified requirements of Tons of Toner. This was paired alongside an optimized search engine and tagging system, to support fast and autocompleting search.


Working closely with Tons of Toner, providing expertise to the project, Old Moon Digital was able to deliver a product exceeding the expectations of the initial scope.

Industrial Printer

Although we encountered numerous challenges along the way with third-party services and dated software migrations, we’re proud of the achievements of this project and continue to provide on-going services to Tons of Toner to this day.