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The Department of City Planning of New York City is responsible for Zoning Regulations, building applications, and city projects.

Municipal Government
Development / Design / UX

The department of city planning is required to grant easy access to documentation related to its operations, to both the general public and government staff for reference purposes.

With regulations and guidelines changing periodically, the Department needed a robust interface for making changes on the move.

Drupal 8 was a perfect fit for this type of implementation.

NYC Zoning Phone Screenshot 1
NYC Zoning Phone Screenshot 2
NYC Zoning Phone Screenshot 3
NYC Zoning Phone Screenshot 4

While developing a new information structure for the Department’s documentation, Old Moon Digital also needed to migrate a large amount of offline documentation into an easily accessible online format. The challenge came with having various formats of documentation, with many conforming to no particular format standards.

After consolidating patterns of offline documents provided to us by the Department, we were able to build a customized module for Drupal 8.

NYC Zoning Map

This module scanned through documentation, identifying key information, mapping the data to appropriate fields and then producing a downloadable PDF.