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Founded in 1985, TraPac is the leading Container Terminal and Stevedore Operator in the United States.

Transport and Logistics
Migration / Development

TraPac’s original website was built around a proprietary static system, proving too tedious to manage and operate with TraPac’s business model.

In this project, Old Moon Digital needed to develop a net new Drupal build, while incorporating TraPac’s various specific requirements.

TraPac Mobile Screenshot 1
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Through the discovery phase, Old Moon Digital learned about the dated nature of TraPac’s existing website structure. Issues ranged from outmoded design and code, potential security concerns and archaic software dependencies. We presented TraPac with a list of solutions, eventually resulting in the selection of Drupal as the best fit for their business model.


Various factors were in the scope of this project.

TraPac Solutions Shipyard


TraPac’s foremost requirement was the ability to host the new website on-premise. Although Drupal is best suited for Apache/NGINX web servers, we were able to facilitate this requirement by setting up Drupal to run on TraPac’s Windows-based IIS web servers.


TraPac was a significant target of bot attacks at the time of project’s undertaking. Old Moon Digital studied the types of attacks and effectively halted the detrimental effects of all automated attacks to TraPac’s servers.

TraPac Solutions Shipping Terminal
TraPac Solutions Loading Dock


Another focus of effort was on integrating TraPac’s IBM AS400 database to the new Drupal website. The database was chosen in an earlier era to provide logistics and payment information. For this process, we analyzed the system and configured a solution to interface it as a front-end interface for TraPac staff.