Tons of Toner

Founded in 1989, Tons of Toner is a US-based e-commerce company. They supply printer toner and supplies all across the United States to businesses, households, schools, government. You name it, they've sold it to them. From the rarest of machines to the most common, Tons of Toner remains committed to excellent friendly and transparent customer service and fast shipping, they were a pleasure working with and still continue to be so.

Services provided by Old Moon Digital include Website and UI design, development, SEO, marketing, on-going support, and maintenance.

It’s safe to say Tons Of Toner has been in the business long enough to be true experts when it comes to all things printers and toner! But when forced to make a decision with a looming deadline to either migrate off of an old system or forcefully have the plug pulled, Tons Of Toner took the leap and had a full system and site redesign using Drupal. With an all-new look and feel including Supplier Management, Inventory notes, advanced categorization, searching and more, Tons Of Toner now looks better than ever before. From the get-go we knew there was little time and had to cut to the chase with the site build and with many a lengthy meeting involving diagrams, scenarios and past experience, we drew up a plan for a 6-month site build, starting in the summer and finishing around Christmas.

There were quite a few things to take in to account, as you can imagine a site that's been around on a very customized platform would have a lot of things built in you couldn't just find on any shelf and plugin to the site so we had to prioritize and make sure we could get this project out of the door and meet all of the requirements just in time for turkey.

What we needed to include was a manageable way to modify and create pages, making it easy enough for them to create content on the go as needed, we also needed to include a supplier manager module which we created from scratch, a large import of inventory spanning many years, an inventory manager, an email marketing module had to be carried over to alert their customers when they might want to consider stocking back up. Furthermore, we had to recreate their original workflow by allowing products to be stand-alone, but also searchable through machines which needed to be customizable. SEO and meta tags had to be taken into consideration, a responsive site design, a full A-Z catalogue page and an autocomplete search all powered by SOLR. This wasn't all and it was clear we had to hustle if we wanted to meet the deadline.

There were moments of frustration but trumped with determination, we were able to overcome any hurdles like payment processor modules not living up to their expectations and having to rewrite them to an extent and committing back to the community when necessary. All in all, it's safe to say the story had a happy ending and Tons of Toner is much happier with their new site and the potential it now has. Cutting back cost on development time and saving massive amounts on hosting fees, we're really excited for their future and wish them all the success.