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PI Financial Corp

PI Financial Corp. is a leading, independent investment dealer which provides a full range of investment products and services for individual, corporate and institutional investors.

Financial Institution
Migration / Development (Design Excluded)

The primary driving factor for this project was the difficulty to manage the content on a custom-built proprietary PHP system.

The goal was to allow non-technical staff at PI Financial to be able to manage the content on the website. This change would give PI the ability to update information and content in a timely manner, by non-technical staff.

PI Financial website mobile view
PI Financial website mobile view
PI Financial website mobile view
PI Financial website mobile view

PI Financial wanted to be able to manage its content efficiently. To be able to provide daily financial reports, manage their advisors' information, and update news blogs through their non-technical staff. To achieve this, PI Financial needed a versatile CMS and Drupal provides the functions and features.

Integration with Constant Contact, an online marketing service provider, was required for lead generation. As well as expanded functionality on their advisors' directory. Each advisor page has the ability to include sub-pages as well as its own sidebar that contains the sub-pages.


Multiple online training sessions for different groups of staff were held to ensure they are familiar with the areas they are responsible for. Documentations were prepared for their reference.

A group of people in a meeting room

The website was developed in a method to maximize the content available for staff to manage, including menu structure, web forms, advisor information and much more. We pride ourselves to provide training and documentation for staff to be able to manage all those content themselves without relying on technical personnel.

PI needed a way to post PDF reports they generate with a third-party application efficiently. We developed an interface that allows the editors to do so without manually updating each link on the pages. As some reports require a daily update, this significantly reduces the steps needed to update these reports.

PI Financial report update backend
Menu structure backend of a Drupal site

PI Financial wanted to showcase its advisors in a more comprehensive manner and not just with a simple landing page. Through a custom implementation, all advisors are now capable of having multiple sub-pages under their main landing page to showcase their education, experience, insights and more. All with a custom sidebar that allows the user to easily navigate.