Marketing Strategy
Old Moon Digital   2019-07-01

Digital marketing is completely taking over the way we consume advertisements as consumers of products. That is certainly no secret.

Homepage of a website
Old Moon Digital   2019-06-24

When it comes to crafting a website, the homepage is arguably the most important element.

Writing Documents
Old Moon Digital   2019-06-18

A Request for Proposal, also known as an RFP, is the common method for businesses to describe the needs and wants for a project. It is a document that proposes changes and requests from specific vendors.

School Auditorium
Old Moon Digital   2019-06-10

Building a digital platform for higher education institutions is not a simple task. The first step to building such a platform involves figuring out which content management system is ideal.

white computer keyboard
Old Moon Digital   2019-06-03

While you may have heard of Content Delivery Networks or CDNs, what you may not realize is that you have been interacting with them on a daily basis.