Security Camera
Old Moon Digital   2019-05-13

Starting in January 2020, marketers and websites won’t be able to collect data on consumers as freely as they once had.

web development
Old Moon Digital   2019-05-06

Drupal 8 is here, and with it are over two-hundred great new changes, features, and improvements.

Colourful crayons
Old Moon Digital   2019-04-29

When it comes to designing a user-friendly application for children, there are a lot of steps to take. You just can’t design an app for a kid through the lens of what adults would like in the context of user experience.

Final Days
Old Moon Digital   2019-04-23

Nobody really likes upgrading their website’s software. It can often be a huge pain, and sometimes things will stop working entirely due to incompatibility issues or problems that happen during the transfer of data.

Timelapse photo of road
Old Moon Digital   2019-04-15

As a business owner, what’s your biggest goal for your website?