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What are GA & GTM?


Google Analytics(GA) and Google tag manager(GTM) are online tools launched by Google, which can simplify the process of collecting and analyzing data.

GA is a web data analysis tool. If GA is installed on your website, it will help you understand the following things:

  1. Where are users from? Are they coming to the website through Google, Facebook or advertising?
  2. What do users do on the site?
  3. Who is the user? Age, gender, region of the user, etc…

According to this data, we can make some business decisions through analysis, such as knowing where the majority of users are located to target more ads in that area. Inferring users by observing the site pages they stay on to get what content they want. When this data is sent back to GA, it will be systematically organized, so site managers can easily understand its meaning.

Next, we have GTM, which is a code management tool. Website managers can use its services to use third-party tools without changing any original code on the website.

The advantages are as follows:

Improve website loading speed

You only need to embed the GTM code into your website, and other third-party tools will be loaded by GTM from different places, so when users browse the web, the loading speed will not be reduced, which ensures the user has a good browsing experience.

Track events on the website

In order to run a website, visitor tracking analysis is an integral part. Using GTM, you can track events on the website, such as visitor browsing, button clicks, visit and stay time, etc. To further track visitors’ behaviour on the site, you can use GA on GTM, when the user triggers a specific behaviour, the data will be sent back to GA’s backend for analysis.

When we use GTM to record the behaviour of users on the website and transmit the data to GA, after a period of data collection and integration, we can analyze it and infer the user’s preferences and where should be improved on the site, which can enhance the image of the company.

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