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B2B Solutions with Drupal


Currently, about 3.1 percent of all websites uses Drupal as its content management system of choice.

Drupal may not be quite as popular as some other content management systems, including the ever-ubiquitous WordPress. However, it’s still a viable option, especially for those who are looking for effective B2B website solutions.

Are you considering using or switching to Drupal? If so, keep reading. Listed below are some of the benefits you’ll get to enjoy when you start using Drupal for all your B2B needs.

Complete Control

Drupal is an open-source CMS. This means that anyone can use it and adapt its code to suit their specific needs. You don’t have to worry about any licensing fees when you use Drupal. Instead, you can make adjustments as needed so that it works perfectly with your unique B2B needs.

Drupal allows for complete customization and control of your B2B website. You get to decide on every little detail to create a website that looks and functions exactly as you and your customers want it to. 

Some people balk at the complexity of Drupal at first and lean toward the simpler, more user-friendly options like WordPress. When you gain in simplicity, though, you often sacrifice control and customization ability. If these things are more important to you, you’ll be better off using Drupal.

Lots of Support

Because Drupal is an open-source CMS, it’s easy for you to get support and assistance when you’re dealing with a challenging issue.

It’s true that Drupal is more complex in nature. However, this ultimately works in your favour. Drupal tends to attract highly skilled developers.

Even if you don’t have extensive development knowledge, you can still get answers to all of your questions because you’ll have access to all of a network of skilled and experienced developers.

There are thousands of people who use Drupal every day who can help guide you through problems and give you insight into how you can improve your website. You never have to worry about trying to handle issues on your own.


Drupal is also one of the most scalable CMSs you can use for your B2B website. When you use Drupal, it’s easy for you to expand your website and adapt it to accommodate increased traffic or new customer needs.

Because it’s so customizable and an open-source platform, you can make specific changes that make your site more user-friendly and ensure that it continues to grow and adapt alongside the rest of your business.

Other CMSs come with specific paths and guidelines that you have to follow when you’re trying to expand your site. That’s not the case with Drupal, though. There are no restrictions, and you are free to adapt your website as you see fit, without being put into any boxes.

Security and Stability

For those who value security and stability for their website (and their business as a whole), Drupal is a great option to consider.

Because the Drupal community is made up of so many skilled developers, they keep a close eye on the code to ensure it’s consistent and doesn’t cause any security issues. Drupal has a dedicated security team as well to catch any problems and correct them (while also notifying all Drupal users) as quickly as possible.

With measures like this in place, it’s no wonder so many major companies use Drupal. Governments trust it, too. In fact, the White House even used it during the Obama administration.


The general consensus among Drupal users is that it’s 100 percent worth its cost. Some people are hesitant at first when they see how When you consider all of the tools that you have access to, as well as the skills within the Drupal community, it’s easy to justify the cost of using Drupal over another CMS.

There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to website pricing when using Drupal. The total cost of your website depends a lot on the specific features you intend to use and how detailed you want to get. You have a lot of control over the final cost, and it’s easy to adjust your website to make sure that it fits your budget.


The flexibility of Drupal extends beyond its capacity for total website customization. You also get to enjoy a ton of flexibility when it comes to the language you use when constructing your website.

Drupal’s various modules, as well as its basic functionality, are available in a variety of languages (more than 90)!

If you need to create a website that caters to people who speak a language other than English, you’re in luck. With Drupal, you can develop a great B2B website in almost any language. 

Easier SEO

A good search engine optimization (or SEO) strategy is essential for B2B companies (as well as other businesses). Keep in mind that 71 percent of businesses will use the internet when gathering research to help them make a decision about a purchase.

If you want to make sure your B2B services are on their radar, you need to also make sure your SEO game is on point. Drupal makes SEO easier with the help of several powerful SEO modules, as well as the latest publishing tools.

When you use Drupal, you have access to a wide range of third-party modules that will help you monitor and improve your on-page SEO and optimize your website to ensure you’re attracting the right visitors to it. These modules are also easy to use and integrate into your website without a steep learning curve.

Start Using Drupal Today

As you can see, Drupal is a great option for those in the B2B field.

If you value important factors like customization, flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness and are looking for a high-quality, powerful CMS that can meet all your needs, creating your website with the help of Drupal is definitely something to consider.

Keep the benefits listed above in mind as you consider your options to ensure you make the right decision for your business.