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We’ve talked about SEO in the past, and we’ve always emphasized the importance of maintaining your website because SEO is ever-changing and it will always be. Previously, we talked about the general guidelines on how to make sure your website can be optimized in terms of search rankings. In this article, we will focus on the importance of code and how the quality of code can make a difference in your search rankings.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, which become a thing in the mid-90s, was a new concept as the vast majority are not familiar with search engines. In the late 90s, the phrase Search Engine Optimization became a thing and has since become a very important topic to discuss for web developers and web agencies. In simple terms, the level of your SEO determines how likely your website will be seen when people search for certain keywords on search engines and how high your website ranks among other websites when users search for certain words or phrases.

Unless you have the kind of budget that can buy you air-time during Super Bowl or spots during the Stanley Cup finals, it is probably safe to assume the majority of your marketing resources are put into digital marketing. But is the effort paying off? Are you overwhelmed with the ever-changing landscape in the world of digital marketing? Let’s break down the details and help you improve your business.

Let’s use a restaurant as an example for this article. Imagine you are a local restaurant owner, trying to promote your business in the online world. What should you do?

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