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Giving discounts to boost sales and increase revenue is definitely nothing new. It has been one of the oldest tricks to increase sales and customers. Beyond the simple notion that customers are saving money, discounts also have an effect on how consumers interact with your business and your products. In this article, we will talk about how coupons can boost not only traditional brick-and-mortar shops but also works great for online eCommerce platforms. But first, let us talk briefly about the psychology behind discounts.

In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about how we helped a local restaurant establish an online presence. We successfully utilized Shopify as the base eCommerce platform and built an online ordering website for the restaurant. In this article, we will talk about how we improve sales and work with the restaurant to both convert original customers from physically calling in to order to use the online platform, as well as expanding the client base to increase conversion and profit.

In previous articles, such as this and this, we talked about how expanding your traditional business to have an online presence can help a business through the pandemic. However, the reality is that during these tough times, it might be hard for local small businesses to have the fund to do so in a timely manner. Here is where the “BC Launch Online Grant Program” can help.

From Pfizer, Moderna to the University of Oxford, the COVID19 vaccine is just around the corner, and it feels like we can soon go back to normal, back to the life pre-pandemic. But there are some things that might never go back, such as internet traffic.

Internet consumption has grown significantly since the beginning of the pandemic, in fact, it went up so much that countries such as the UK and France and reporting slower average download speed. Let’s take a look at what are the factors.

If you run an eCommerce website and your website looks better, more user-friendly and has a higher search ranking than your competitors, you can be sure that your website is generating more traffic than your competitors. Good websites also ensure good conversion rates and will generate more revenue for your business.

We’ve previously talked about how to improve your search ranking with SEO. In this article, we will focus on the UX and appearance of your website. Particularly with CSS animations.

The global Covid-19 pandemic devastated the restaurant business. With more uncertainty ahead with new waves coming and ever-changing government policies, restaurant owners are struggling to survive. For many restaurant owners, taking their store online is one of the best ways to keep the business running.

Pearl House Restaurant, a local family-owned restaurant that specialized in Taiwanese cuisine and bubble tea drinks came knocking on our doors. They want to build a website with eCommerce capabilities. Including online ordering, payment processing and discount code system.

Approximately 1.8 billion people throughout the world shop online each year. As the years go on, that number is only going to grow, too.

Are you getting ready to launch an eCommerce business of your own? Have you been wondering which CMS (short for Content Management Software) to use?

The current COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of having an online business presence. With more and more businesses being asked to close their storefronts and offices, many organizations are taking the leap and going online to accommodate. With foot traffic slowing down, turn your attention to the internet and take these steps to launch your e-commerce site.

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